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A Day in the Life at BBC

Although there was free time during the day, the days were full of activities.  The schedule undoubtedly changed over the years, but this is what I remember from most of my years at BBC.

  1. 7:25 - Morning wake-up Time.

  2. 7:29 - Morning Revelry: the sound of the bugle, time to get up, get dressed, clean the cabin, and head for breakfast.

  3. 7:30 - Assembly in the fields. 5 minute workout.

  4. 7:35 - Clean up for breakfast.

  5. 8:00 - Flag Ceremony: assembly in the grounds in front of the mess hall, for more bugle, raising of the flag, the pledge of the Junior Leader Corp, some friendly razzing other cabins, and then off to breakfast.

  6. 8:05 - Breakfast: seating by cabin at the 8-person square tables.

  7. 9:00 - Cabin Inspection: back to the cabins to finish clean-up prior to the cabin inspection.  this was high-stakes.  The cabin who scored the highest at the end of the week won a watermelon.

  8. 9:05 - Morning Assembly at Boot Hill: this is the time that each of the activities would vie for campers to participate in their program that day.  One of the great things about BBC was that the campers could choose which activity to do in the morning and then once again in the afternoon.

  9. Morning Activities.

  10. 11:15 - Free Time:  Archery, Riflery, Horseshoes, Tetherball, Darts, Swimming, Boating, Canoeing, and many more.  This was also a time when you were free to go pick berries on the trolley bed, enjoy a book, or just simply enjoy the splendor of nature.

  11. 11:50 - Assembly for Lunch - more friendly razzing.

  12. 12:05 - Lunch in the mess hall.

  13. 1:00 - Rest Hour - napping, reading, listening to music, and just general chilling.

  14. 2:00 - Afternoon Assembly at Boot Hill - more activities to choose from.

  15. 4:00 - Afternoon Free Time: lots of options, just like the morning.

  16. 4:45 - Assembly for Dinner: lowering the flag, and yet more friendly razzing.

  17. 5:15 - Dinner: in the mess hall

  18. 6:00 - Evening Free Time: time to relax, Tetherball, Horseshoes, and most importantly the camp store (the PX) was open.  T-shirts and Candy!!!

  19. 7:00 - Organized Activities

  20. 8:00 - All Camp Major Games:  Capture the Flag, Message to Garcia, Treasure Hunts, or Munch Ball.  Sometimes this would be a gathering in the by the campfire in the amphitheater for stories and games.

  21. 9:00 - First Taps.

  22. 9:15 - Second Taps and Bedtime: lights out and well earned rest.  Often proceeded by ghost stories.

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