The Structures (Cabins) at BBC (page 3)

The cabins used by the campers during most of BBC History.

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There are no archival images of the Arts and Crafts Building.

There are no archival images of the infirmary.

The White Cottage was located to the left as you entered the camp.  It was the home of Austin Welch during the summer.​  Pop's office was located at the back.

The Old Headquarters Cabin, also the Young Eagles Cabin, the Infirmary, and later known as the Counselors 

Quarters (CQ). For many years this served as the home for the winter caretaker.

The Camp Office.  Note the PX line forms on the right.

The Science Lab

Knobb Hill.  This building was the home of the camp secretary during the summer.  It was also the winter home of the caretaker.

The Green Biffy was the original bathroom for the camp.  It did have a small modern bathroom, but it also had drop toilets for those times when the water failed.

Spruce Lodge was the summer home of the camp cook and his family.  It was to the right of the Dining Hall down a short trail.

Laurel Lodge was the home of the Assistant Director and his family during the summer.  It was located further along the trail to the right of the Dining Hall.


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