Camp Activities - Action Shots

So many things to do, and I am only here for how many weeks?  That is just not enough!  Every year I attended camp, I was there for 8 weeks.  It was rough at first, but there were so many options for things to do that I quickly thought of camp as home.

These are some pictures of various activities at the camp.

Archery. 1966

Beaver Dam Busting at the swamp

upstream of the camp.  1963 

Big Red - All aboard for the first

leg of the trip to Tolend State Park.

Boot Hill - So which boy deserves

what?  1966

Bucket Baths - It's

Saturday Night, and that

means we have to get all

cleaned up for the awards

celebration tonight.  BBC

will shine tonight!

Life in the cabin.

Carnival Rides - The Ride of your

Life!  It appears that the boy

sitting on the beach is Brian

Mansfield.  He was the cook's son

and a camper.  The dog is Holly,

also a part of the Mansfield family. 

The picture was taken by Brian's

mother. 1966

Building the first dock on

the pond.  1941

Close only counts in Horseshoes!

Loading Little Green (the truck)

with firewood for the winter


Swimming at Mitchell's


Boating and the dock on Pioneer

Island.  1966

Riflery -  Ready on the Right?

"Ready", Ready on the Left?

"Ready", Ready on the Firing

Line? "- - - - -", Commence

Firing.  1966

The boy on the bench awaiting

his turn on the rifle range, fifth

from the left end, looking at the

camera is Jon Golden.

Another view of the

Rifle Range.

Waterfront.  1967.

Another view of the

Waterfront.  I don't

remember the boats

being painted those

bright colors...


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