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Special Program Details

Lots of activities have been available to folks at BBC throughout the years, but there were also some special programs of note.  Here is what we know about many of these.

Junior Leader Corps

Those older campers who have shown a high level of maturity and responsibility are considered for the Junior Leaders Corp.  The decisions to include campers in this program were made at Boot Hill, weekly by the staff.

There was a ritual ceremony associated with becoming a member.  It included the passing of the baton to the new initiates  with the motto: 

"Integrity... loyalty... responsibility"

Junior Leaders had special responsibilities to do each day.  The orders of the day were:

"The orders of the day are: Morning Patrol, Rest Patrol, Night Patrol, Spray Patrol.  Check the water, the lights, the gas, the kitchen door, collect the mail, and be alert at all times."

Junior Leaders has a progression of steps they went through on the way to becoming a Full Junior Leader.  These steps included

  • A 24-hour Tour (I assume this was to get your feet wet...) 

  • A 3-day Tour (Ditto...)

  • Sub (Short for Substitute, and the true entry level into the Corp.)

  • Acting

  • Full (The top level of being in the Corp.)

  • Captain, Acting Captain, and Co-Captain.  Those with the most experience and showing the greatest ability to handle responsibility.  ( I am not sure of the actual special responsibilities associated with this title.)

During some of the time Junior Leaders​ were housed in some of the smaller cabins, especially if they were Junior Leader Captains.

The Rangers

This was discontinued before my time at the camp, but it was a special recognition of those boys who passed a required number of points (anybody know the requirement?).  Points were award for each activity award received by the camper for achieving a Basic, Advanced, or Masters certification in an activity. (Anybody know how these points were assigned?)  You were invited to join the rangers and there was an initiation ceremony.

We have found this information on the points process:


The BBC Ranger Society was in use for kids who amass a high number of points. Each award has a point value. For example:

  • Basic Riflery - 5

  • Basic Forestry - 9

  • Master Forestry - 15

  • Basic Journalism - 4


An invitation looked like this one given to Ronnie Mayer.  Ooooh mystery and suspense:

Young Eagles

Although not sure of what special things were done with the Young Eagles, it is apparent that they were the youngest campers.  It is assumed that this was a way to make them feel a part of BBC, while at the same time providing support and reassurances to this new and very different environment.  If you know more, please send it to me at for inclusion

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