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Ownership of the Land of BBC

Based on information from the archives in Pittsfield, MA, this is the history of the ownership of the camp property.

Book 0098, Page 593, 4/19/1839:  Land was sold for $450 from John C. Kinsley to Phineas Kibbe.  He reserved 2 acres and 85 rods in the NE corner.

Book 0172, Page 40, 3/1/1861: Land was sold for $500 from Phineas Kibbe to Milton Kibbe.

Book 0209, Page 349, 7/13/1873: Land was sold for $1000 from Milton Kibbe to Phineas Kibbe.

Book 0341, Page 115, 8/13/1907: Land was sold for $800 from Phineas Kibbe to John W. Bailey.

Book 0326, Page 500, 11/7/1912: John W. Bailey sold for $2 a right of way for the New England Power Company.  This was the tart of the Trolley Bed easement.

Book 0470, Page 223: Entry not found.  This appears to be the transition from John H. Bailey to Hannah F. Bailey et al (his heirs).

Book 0475, Page 516, 6/8/1937: Land was sold from Hannah F. Bailey et als to Henry I Thomas.

Book 0479, Page 223, 7/27/1937: Land was sold from Henry I Thomas to Frederick L. Preston

Book 0484, Page 461, 12/29/1939: Land was sold from Frederick L. Preston to Austin Welch.  Pioneer Island was reserved along with an access right of way.

Between the initial purchase and later years, there was a great deal of dealing by Austin Welch with people like Pasquale DeFlumeri, Clarence and Doris Stubbs, and to Marie Welch.  The title was passed or split to get additional mortgages.

Book 0544, Page 585, 5/5/1948: Pioneer Island and the right of way were sold to Austin Welch from Frederick L. Preston.

Book 0636: Page 163, 3/25/1955: The land was granted to Berkshire Boys Camp from Austin and Marie Welch.

Book 0636, Page 164, 11/30/1955: BBC becomes incorporated.

Book 0709, Page 290, 7/21/1960: Electrical easement passed from Quinnehtuk to the Western Massachusetts Electric Company.

Book 0908, Page 291, 6/29/1971: The camp ownership was passed to the Pop Welch Educational Foundation.

Book 0967, Page 144, 11/5/1975: The camp asset ownership passed from the Foundation to the Arlington Boy's Club.

Book 0967, Page 146, 11/7/1975: The camp property passed from the Foundation to the Arlington Boy's Club for $24,866.72.

Book 0969, Page 422: The Pop Welch Educational Foundation is dissolved.

Book 1107, Page 707, 12/19/1984: The land was sold from the Arlington Boy's and Girl's Club to G. N. Corbin and John W. Franklin for $77,000,

Book 1562, Page 198, 6/27/1997: The land was sold from G. N. Corbin to John W. Franklin.

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