Pictures of and from BBC

These are pics submitted by BBC Alumni of the "good ole days" as well as the present.  If you have some, please send them to the webmaster: Aaron Clevenson.

The Camp from 2000 from Paul Battaglia


Ranger Rock



Camp Life in 1963 from Paul Battaglia

Section 1 Cabins

Tony's Tower

Domestic Hens

My Leader by

our Cabin


2 Leaders

Tony Balski at Home from Ronald Mayer


Tony and Gene Plasse

"Pop" and Ron around 1960

The Family Visit from Robert Franklin

My dad (Earl Franklin),

"Pop"Welch, and my

twin sisters, Ann and

Beth (age 6) in 1958

Camp Friends from Jim Arslanian

Then: Ed Hogan and

Jim Arslanian

Now: Jim Arslanian and Andy Adler

Camp Recently in Winter from Doug Fisher

The waterfront from the ice on the pond

The end of the Green Biffy (at the top of the waterfront road

Camp around 1951 from Vic Bennett

The Bobcats: Vic in center back nad leader Jack Godd, back right

Vic's Mom and "Pop" Welch

Vic: Chocolates or bullets?

Tough Choice...

The Rifle Range: Only five bullets?

Parents Day

Lowering the Flag

Richard Hoffman

on the right? Are

you on the left?

Not sure what this is...

The Waterfront


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